Ciamar? (How to?)

(Tha an duilleag seo anns a’ Bheurla a-mhàin an-dràsda.)

Everything you always wanted to know about #Gàidhlig (but were afraid to ask) as adapted from the work of Ciarán ó Meachair for #LnaG – an Irish Twitter Day that took place on the 17th March 2009. Là na #Gàidhlig has been running for 4 years now and has been nominated for a Scottish Gaelic Award for two years running.

Q How do I start?

1. Go to and register (choose a short Twitter ID). Then you’ll have your own Twitter pager at

2. [optional] Go to and click follow. You’ll now get frequent Twitter updates on #Gàidhlig

3. [optional]. Ask your friends to do the same, and make sure you choose to follow each other

4. Answer the question, ‘what are you doing?’ in less than 140 characters and click update. That’s it. You’ve tweeted your first tweet.

5. On Lá Twitter #Gàidhlig (20.04.17), put #Gàidhlig in every tweet you send in the language

Q What’s that thing that starts with ‘#’ (like #Gaelic or #Gàidhlig)?

That’s a hashtag. It allows everyone interested in a topic to follow tweets in which you quote it – even if they’re not following you.

Use #Gàidhlig or #gàidhlig for your tweets on Lá Twitter na Gàidhlig (20.04.2017)

Q What’re those things that start with ‘@’ (like @LaNaGaidhlig)?

That’s just a Twitter ID – all Twitter IDs start with ‘@’. For example, I’m @Seumaidh

If you’d like to reply to another Twitter user, just start your tweet with their Twitter ID

Q How do I upload pictures for Là Twitter na #Gàidhlig?

It’s easy – you can just use the TwitPic site.

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your Twitter Account details

3. Choose ‘Upload Photo’ from the menu across the top, and just follow the instructions.

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