Meet @Anndra_MacRae, Official Sponsor of Là na #Gàidhlig 2016

Anndra-Mìcheal MacRae, Goistidh Oifigeil Là na #Gàidhlig 2016

Meet Anndra-Micheal MacRae (21), an Ayrshire-born student of the ‘Gaelic Scotland’ course and a keen Thai boxer. He tells us:

I study BA (Hons) Gaelic Scotland at University of the Highlands and Islands. I’m a South Ayrshire lad and I Thai Box in my spare time. I’m sponsoring Là na #Gàidhlig (Gaelic Twitter Day) because Gàidhlig is extremely important to me and I felt that this was a good opportunity to help expose the language and help keep it alive and kicking.
 Twitter recently introduced animated GIFs, so we decided to give one a shot to reflect Anndra-Mìcheal’s fight to keep the language going :

Organiser of Là na #Gàidhlig (Gaelic Twitter Day), Seumaidh Uallas, is delighted to have Anndra-Mìcheal on board following the recent successful Crowdfunder. He says:

It is great to see a student investing in the event. It’s a great boost for the use of Social Media in helping to keep the Gaelic language alive and in making one of Scotland’s national languages more diverse and internationally accessible. With his Thai boxing skills, I can’t think of no-one better at this moment to help fight the Gaelic cause to keep her alive and kicking!

Là na Gàidhlig (Gaelic Twitter Day) takes place on Thursday, 21st April 2016. The aim of the day is to involve as many people as possible to contribute to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by using the #Gàidhlig hashtag to help create further awareness of the Scottish Gaelic language.


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