Sluagh-ghairm bho sgoilearan Ghlaschu air Là Twitter na #Gàidhlig – Rally cry of young Glasgow Gaels on #GaelicTwitterDay #BruidhinnGàidhlig

Tha na sgoilearan ag ràdh: “Bruidhinn Gàidhlig!” Let’s all talk Gaelic!

Nach e seo Là Twitter na #Gàidhlig? A rèir @Twitter chan eil scoobaidh aca! Thought it was #GaelicTwitterDay – not that @Twitter would have have us believe!

‘S dòcha gur e Là Twitter na Haitian Creole, Là Twitter na h-Eadailtis no Là Twitter na Nirribhis. A bheil fios aig duine sam bith?

Twitter would have us believe we’re writing in Haitian Creole, Norwegian and Italian! I’m pretty sure the Gaelic language is not so similar. Does anyone know how  to get Twitter to change this? They don’t seem to care or want to listen.

gtd - canain eile

Toraidhean Là Twitter na #Gàidhlig 2017| #GaelicTwitterDay 2017 Results

LaNaGaidhlig 2017 Toraidhean.001LaNaGaidhlig 2017 Toraidhean.002gtd - treandadh

Thòisich Là Twitter na #Gàidhlig mar thrà! Taing do @drraghnall #GaelicTwitterDay has begun in Oz…

Our good friend Ronald McCoy has started us off Down Under sharing a few pictures of his cycle journey in to work in Melbourne crossing the River Yarra and finishing with a joke… No he’s not seen a kangaroo, but he has heard a koala bear!